Travelling!! It is more than a hobby. When people travel, they explore new places, new people, new culture, new cuisines and lot more.. Mostly all will be new.. Or we can say some changes would have taken place. Some people travel to fresh up their mind .. some to celebrate .. some to explore new places .. some may travel alone.. some with family or friends. In any case traveling is an awesome.

We too are fond of traveling . We travel for relaxing from the busy day to day life, knowing about the people from distant places and yes, to get enchanted by the mother nature. Mostly we select our destinations to villages than cities. We love to be closer to villages than cities. Its a long time plan to start a website to share our experiences with the world. We are just the beginners in website designing. So please excuse us if you find some not-so-user-friendly items in this site. Do provide your feedback. We take criticism very positively to improve ourselves. Happy Exploring !!